Create a custom machine file

Does anyone know how to edit or create custom files for special CNC machine.

Does it use a standard GRBL firmware up to 1.1f? :slight_smile:

Lots of folks here know how to do things… but there are machines that are difficult and don’t make good dance partners.

What language does your custom machine use?

My machine is totally home brew, I made it out of Raspberry PI and industrial servo equipment. The program runs on Codesys, so I manually ftp the g code file, it is somewhat finicky and needs some massaging to work. I guess there is no way to change what it puts out, like M3 command is p and s, I need k and l. Things like that. I can replace in notepad.

There is no way to completely customize this but there are a few variants available to you that may be closer to what you need. The closer the syntax to the target syntax that you need the easier it will be to modify the code.

Having said that, how married are you to your current controller scheme? At least in terms of LightBurn you’re going to have a dramatically better experience if you can connect directly to a well supported conttroller.

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Are there other software tools out there similar, I need auto numbering for G-Code which is a pain right now…

Seems you’ve really made this hard for yourself…

Are you asking similar to LightBurn? Or to address the auto-numbering?

Have you looked at using LaserGRBL? It’s a free tool that can drive a number of laser types and generate g-code. I don’t think it can number g-code lines, though.

If by auto numbering you mean to have incrementing numbers in the g-code file you can do this in an infinite number of ways… check here for a powershell script to do this:
How Can I Number the Lines in a Text File? - Scripting Blog (

A number of text editors could be made to do this. This would be trivial in a UNIX shell which you can get with WSL for Windows.

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