Create a "Pinked" line

I’m trying to create a circle with a “Pinked” Line. THis will be for cutting fabric. I need to use this type of line to match a restoration project. Basically what I need is an edge that is created by traditional “Pinking” shears. See Attachment.


I may have figured out how to do a circle using the circular array tool but I will need to do some inside corners soon as well as some rounded rectangles. Any help would be grately appreciated!


Are you asking how to create a circular shape with the outline in the “pinked” pattern?

If so, I can’t think of a very clever way of doing this. A brute force way I can think of:

  1. Create a circle
  2. On the outside of the circle create one triangle shaped piece representing one piece of the pinked line.
  3. Select triangle, then add circle to selection
  4. Use circular array tool, make sure you enable “use last selected object position as center” and then increase the number of copies until it goes around the whole circle approximating the pinked line.
  5. Once complete, select all triangles and circle
  6. Tools->Weld Shapes
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I was messing with the same idea except with squares and boolean

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