Create custom post processor?

Is it possible to create a custom post processor for G-code for Lightburn? I’m running a laser with Mach4 and ESS. It doesn’t use the simple M4, M8, M9, M5 commands. It also needs some code for setting up the PWM.

I’m interested in the Lightburn software, but need a way to generate code for my setup. I’d rather have a custom post processor than have to write a conversion script, but I suppose I could do that as well…


@dave.h It’s on our radar but there’s no ETA at the moment. There’s a few similar things on our feature request site:
Though I totally see how yours is a bit different than those. Honestly, what you want would likely cover the other cases already in the feature requests. But adding in your comments there helps us prioritize what features we add next.

Excellent. I will add a feature request to your tracker with some details.

I just started playing with Lightburn this week. I was looking at it more last night making a post processor for some other software, it’s not a huge deal. It’s just different macros than the typical spindle M commands. I’ll probably write a perl script this week to convert the lightburn output to usable Mach4 laser output and see how it goes. Really shouldn’t take much.


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