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Is it possible to create a new device profile for LinuxCNC using M67/M68 E0 Q? instead of the M106 S0 command it currently uses to fire the laser?
I have a CNC spindle mounted laser and currently have to use Vectric laser software to use it. I have found that the laser part of this software does not do a good job when it comes to raster engraving. I was wondering if I used Lightburn to create the toolpath, if it would create a better (smoother) motion when using my CNC laser. My CNC is a fairly heavy steel framed machine and it doesn’t like short jerky movements.
PROBOTIX_LinuxCNC_Laser_Arcs_inch.txt (7.1 KB)

I am attaching the post processor that I currently use in Vectric to save laser toolpaths in hopes that it may help.
Any other suggestions to get a smooth raster movement is welcome.

Thank you for this. I have brought your post to the attention of our Dev Team. Further investigation will be required and may take a bit to do so. :slight_smile:

We did have this overridden, but not correctly - The override functions to replace the M106 commands with M67 weren’t getting called. They’ve been corrected, and this will be in the next release.


Thank you. I look forward to trying this!

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