Create QR code not working in 9.21 update on PC

Create QR code on my PC note working in 9.21
I click to create and get nothing.
I can Create it on my Mac save and copy it it the PC and it will.

Yep, its not working on my PC either. Clicking the QR tool does nothing.

Update: When I click the QR code tool and then try to create a rectangle the QR Code dialog window opens. It has been a while since I used this tool but that’s not how I remember it working before.

It does work somewhat for me, however it shows as a very tiny dot, that has to be scaled up. Don’t know if that was the case before as I have never used it

It works here, no problem.

Did you drag out a rectangle for it? Is the selected layer visible?

I think a lot of the problem is that each tool has a different process and with all the great new features it is getting difficult to know what that process is, especially if it is a tool that is used infrequently.

I was frustrated yesterday with the Mask tool until I remembered that I needed to have a closed vector selected with the image to enable the Mask tool. With the QR tool you must remember to draw a rectangle (with no other tool selected) to have the QR window open up.

Would it be possible to have the status line of LightBurn prompt the user if another shape needs to be selected or something needs to be done after selecting the tool?


Yeah, I didn’t know the process having never used it, works perfectly once you know how.

I should be able to add something in the status bar to prompt you to drag out a shape, though it might be subtle enough to go unnoticed. In general, all the creation tools in LightBurn do work this way - When you click the Rectangle or Ellipse tools, for example, you don’t get one to start with and then modify it - you drag to create, so it is consistent with how others work, I think people just have a different expectation for some reason.

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