Create size is differnt than engrave size

I created what I want to engrave in lightburn, 3x5 size, when I frame to engrave it is much smaller. How do I correct that?

3x5 what? What units are you creating the design in? Maybe show a screen shot of your LightBurn?


A bit more info here would be good


The acrylic size I want to engrave is 5.25 x 8.5, the project size is 3. x 5. When I send the file to Boss Laser to engrave it will condence the size and engraving to about 1/3 the size. I am new to Lightburn and Boss Laser.

Still kind of guessing, as you still haven’t provided some important information. When talking here, the units you are using are very important. 5 is not a size. 5 INCHES or 5 MM is a size. Don’t assume that we know what you are talking about. As for speed, 50 isn’t a speed. 50 mm/s or 50 inches/s is a speed. Speak in as much detail as you can. Provide full screen shots of your LightBurn setup so that we can see how things are set.

My only guess based on the limited information that you’ve still given is that you maybe have Rotary mode enabled. Purely a guess though without further information.


With those infos maybe also that stepmm are wrong in both axes

I suspect that your tile is in Inches and that LightBurn is set for Metric.

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