Creating LaserTran Template for Electronics Panel

I am creating a template to use for painting or etching an aluminum rack panel for electronics projects. I intend to place laser transfer film over the panel, etch and weed out the film. Paint or etch and remove the transfer paper. I have been successful in creating the layout and logo placement, however, I am having difficulty creating the “tick marks” surrounding the dials marking volume, etc. Currently, the laser appears to be making one pass to create a line - I need it to create a very narrow box that I can weed out. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks in advance,

I’m not clear on the complication. Is something preventing you from drawing a cutout shape rather than a line?

Perhaps a screenshot would make this more apparent.

I think you will have to get the laser to make some type of ‘opening’ or cutout so you can remove the ‘film’ over the ‘tic’ mark.

I’m betting that a single line will not be enough to get any kind of paint through it.

You can try something like an offset fill, it will slow you down a bunch.

How did you ‘make’ the ‘tic’ marks?

Might make a very small rectangle and use the circular array tool to distribute it properly around the dial…?

That always seems to be the problem with masks and templates. You get parts that are next to impossible to remove or there are a great many of them…

Good luck