Crooked Words and aline


I am trying to engrave on some pine for plaque making for students. I noticed as the plaque was about done that all my words are crooked and look wavy. How do I fix this?

Share a bit more and we can help. Show us what you are doing, how you have set in LightBurn for this job and the result you get as a starter. We need to “see” what you mean by “wavy”.

Side note: I am sure you are aware of, pine is not the best for lasing as the amount, and difference in hardness, of grain making consistent power or energy to get good results can be more of a challenge than the cost savings of this material choice.

I am new to this. I am doing a fill on the letters with 150 speed and 30 power. It is a fill all shapes at once with 1mm for my spacing.

It also seems to be half filling in the words and the hand in the middle. I am not sure how to fix that either.

Thanks, this looks like a mechanical issue. Check that all belts, pinions, gears and other moving parts are correctly set, snug but not binding. The motion and travel of this system is having issues and causing this result. Some tuning is required. I might reach out and talk to the nice folks at OMTech for some tuning and troubleshooting procedures to help dial in your hardware.

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