Cropped overlay bed

Hello, I attach a screenshot with the camera overlay, which is cropped
I did the calibration with a 300% scale without modifying it, without canceling the process and without changing the value. I did it twice with the same result
my work area is 1400 * 650 mm, bigger than the bed, trying to gain some area. Besides I have the option of the passtrought
It strikes me that the overlay has the same proportions as the resolution of the camera. Let’s see if I can explain it better, as if the calibration determined the height of the image and proportionally calculated the width of it. When in reality that height is based on the height of the 4 calibration points, not on the actual height of the image. That is, in my case, the proportion of the bed does not coincide with that of the camera or with the 4 control points and the idea is beyond calibrating 4 points very in the center, to be able to use the camera throughout the entire bed for less precision operations.
Any test you want to do, let me know and I will do it
Thank you

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