Cropping a photo outside of a circle?

Is there any way to create a circle in lightburn and then place a photo over top of the circle and then crop all areas of the photo that are outside of the circle?

Thinking about it, I’m probably answering my own question here. I’m thinking I’m probably better off doing something like that in Photoshop because if I try in lightburn it’s going to change the size of the photo and then it won’t engrave right. Would I be correct in assuming that?

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LightBurn doesn’t have the facility to crop an image yet. It’s something in the longer term plan though.


I think it would be cool if we could crop the camera image prior to tracing it. Would cut down on the amount of cleanup involved on imported traces. Or maybe instead of actually cropping the screen grab, allow us to draw a box or circle around the portion of the camera that we’d like to trace.


That’s actually something I have planned for tracing in general - I’ve seen other applications that work this way, and it’s quite cool.

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