Current position acting like absolute cords

Im using a GRBL diode laser, no limits or home switches.

So, my understanding of current postion is that I place my laser head, center, bottom left, etc. and It will progress to cut the image based on its current position within is carriage. However, when I go to test movement of the laser, Ex. move it right 2inches with the jog, It acts as though it is using absolute cords, and moves up and right or what ever direction it believes it has to go to get to that location… It was working before, I have version 1.0.02, and don’t think I can use my rotary with this… Is there a fix around or should I contact support and revert back to an older version??

Thank you all,

…see if you get the same result. Please let us know. :slight_smile:

0.94 is working properly.

Stopped working again, tried new version, doesn’t work, tried going back to 0.94, doesn’t work. every position setting works as absolute coordinates.

Can you share a bit more, something has changed? Hard to assist you without some details.

That is a fair statement, i have played around more with it, and have noticed its really just the set laser position tool, that doesn’t use the start from current position. I am pretty sure it has worked for me in the past to center some real odd shaped pieces. maybe im crazy I don’t anymore, lol. when I use set laser position it will then proceed as though its located x 0, y 0, to where I have clicked on the grid.

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