Current Position does not move

Hi, I have an Ortur Laser Master 1.
Homing seems to work properly, but when I move laser position or when laser is working, the current position or the job origin remains at the bottom left of the area.
Preparing material position before starting the job is much more difficult without having such a laser position.

Did I miss something ? How can I make it work ? Am I alone ?

This is worth a review if you haven’t already.

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Thanks, I read it twice, very carefully, but still can’t figure out why no position (current or job) is moving.
It seems my machine has a homing sensor, but no point is moving.

Does someone having the same model can make them move ?

En attende de connexion...
[AUTHOR: RenShen]
[MODEL: Ortur Laser Master]
[OLF: 137]
[DATE:01:10:46 - Apr 20 2020]
Target buffer size found

I don’t follow what you’re expecting to happen. Can you explain more? Please include a screenshot of LightBurn showing what you’re talking about.

I finally found a way to show you my issue.

When I use lightburn (1.1.03) on my mac, the current position does not move and remains on the origin point:

Whereas on linux, using lightburn (1.1.03), the current position moves with the laser:

I can’t say I’ve ever used or counted on that capability. Can you check this toggle on both computers? I’m guessing it’s disabled on the Mac?