Custom 60W build with RCD6445G - incomplete corners when cutting


I just finished building my first laser, and while testing I seem to be getting an opening on certain corners. I’ve attached a photo that shows what’s happening. My setup is a RCD6445G with a 60w laser. I’ve tried adjusting the belt tension and playing with the acceleration but haven’t gotten any good results.

The cut was performed at 15mm/s in the photo

Do you have your minimum power set appreciably lower than your max? The program works (I believe) in such a way that it reduces power while it slows for the corners/turns to attempt a consistent power applied per unit traveled, but if it’s too low, the power could be dropping off farther. It really doesn’t make sense to pin that trouble here, as I see not all of your vertices are dropping out, but it is something to be examined.

Thanks for the input, Fred! Unfortunately, I had my min/max power set the same. I’ve been digging through these forums and it looking like it might have something to do with backlash. Appreciate the help!

Also look for a loose mirror.

Oh, yeah, backlash can be a nuisance. What happens when you do bi-directional fill/engraving? Something like that with a larger line spacing will show up pretty easily.

Fred, what should I look for when engraving? Do you have any recommendation on what I should try use line spacing?

Looks to me you may be out of square a touch. Tried just burning a 200mmx 200mm square or a large circle to see if it meets back up?

First off congratulations on doing the build :wink::crazy_face::birthday::tada:

This small challenge will pass all to quickly.

Let’s see what the results of those squares and circles are :thinking:

Is it always in the same phase of cutting??? Start, end ?

Finally got to get after it again today!

I took the X-Axis apart, cleaned and greased the rail, realigned and tightened everything and I’m getting much better results. Thanks for all the ideas!

I started to play with engraving and it looks absolutely terrible. The whole engraving area looks burnt! Any ideas what would cause this? I ran the fill at 250mm/s and 20% power.

Use minimum, absolute minimum sir assist.

Change the direction of Scan, bottom to top

Have ventilation over your work area

All these things reduce the amount of smoke (burned wood in this case) being driven onto your work area.

Let me know how it goes :slightly_smiling_face::sunglasses:

I use this to help reduce burn residue.

Yes it works well :slightly_smiling_face:

The residue even comes off quite easily :wink:

Everyone finds, their own way and that’s cool

Talk soon

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