Custom build - Stepper drivers and controller board?

Looking at the K40 or similar laser builds, I usually see an all-in-one- controller board.

I want to do something like:
Seperate stepper drivers + breakoutboard / controller board

Is that possible if my aim is to use Lightburn?
If so, do I need to look for something specific that is “Lightburn compatible” - or would that basically just be anything that likes GRBL?

Everything you wish to do is ‘downstream’ to Lightburn. So any of these hardware mods shouldn’t have any effect on lightburn. Lower cost to go grbl, higher cost with a higher level controller, but so are the associated cost of drivers. How fat is your wallet.

The K40 is a great little machine, but if you’re looking at controller + driver boards there’s a limit to the payback.

What is the end product?

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