Custom Camera button still not working v1.1.00

In, the 16MP Arducam camera didn’t work at all with the Custom Camera button selected.
Now in, it “works” but only for about 30 seconds, and then it throws a frozen junk image on the preview and background and Camera Lens Calibration windows. This will persist until LB is rebooted.

The Default Camera System is still ok, though. But the Custom Camera’s sliders would be very desirable because otherwise the camera does auto-adjust its brightness gain to get the majority of the field of view into a desirable level. With a well-used machine, that may be jet-black honeycomb, and the camera will have the gain automatically turned up a lot for that. Unfortunately this leaves brighter target objects- like white paper, ceramic tiles, etc- very washed out and difficult to see the edges or burn marks on. This is where the Custom’s manual brightness could be used to bias it for the white target and let the honeycomb background fall to a general detail-free black. Usually not a showstopper, yellow and brown plywood are looking pretty good.

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