Custom move positions missing?

I am working now on a PC, where I have not installed the beta version 0.9.15, it has the stable 0.9.14 version on it.

In the last session I have defined and saved a lot of different positions in the Move tab. Now after the start of LB they are all gone, except for three positions.

Can I bring them somehow back?!?

They should have saved with the other preferences. Did the software crash before the settings were saved?

Hm, not 100% sure, but I guess I have closed and restarted LB since then. Maybe Win 10 has made his very “famous” automatically update and closed LB?

I have found a bug in “Move to position”:
It is not possible to copy a coordinate from the Move tab into the Manager, because they have different decimal delimiters (comma vs. decimal point).copy

You shouldn’t need to copy/paste - If you click ‘Manage’, the current position is automatically copied into the creation dialog as the default position for new entries. I can look at why the localization isn’t working.

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