Cut 1 to 2mm metal

Thinking about getting into a small arena for cutting metal. Nothing big, maybe up to 10 to 15 inches max size….I think😁 possibly nothing bigger. I don’t think thicker than 2mm. Any idea what lasers are best for this and approximate cost? Any first-hand experience would be greatly appreciated. And, where would you buy supplies - sheets of metal for this purpose?

You’ll want a 250-1000w CO2 or Fiber laser for this. Big boy tools. You’ll be looking north of $15k.

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:frowning: OMG - sticking with my 4 diodes and….wood!



If You need to cut metals thicker than ~0.2mm on a low budget, plasma (or oxy-acetylene) is the way to go.

I for one can’t see that changing any time soon.



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