Cut an Imported SVG

Hello guys, I want to cut an imported SVG puzzle.
Here is what I want to cut :

And here the result in ligthburn

Instead of 1 there is 2 lines. Is there a way to have only one line?

I opened the SVG in coreldraw and after removing the shape fill in, I had the same result. But I didn’t find a way to meld these lines to have only 1

In your last picture, just remove the outermost line or is there something I have misunderstood?

The ultimate thing you need to do, is to do a CenterLine trace. You indicate that you have CorelDraw, which does support this. Import your graphic to CorelDraw and Centerline Trace it there, as LightBurn does not currently support CenterLine tracing images:

Thank you very much for your help, in works perfectly

Thank you

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