Cut back transfer?

So I have a couple of cut files I sent into my laser, which is a Ruida, but I did not save the project iself, as I made the assumption I wouldnt need to.
Now of course, I need to.
Is there a way to pull the files back into lightburn from the machine?

What are you trying to do with the file once you bring it back?

You may be able to copy the file from the machine to a USB flash drive using the panel controls. Then load the .rd file into LightBurn. However, the .rd file is not the equivalent of the original .lbrn content so may not get you what you need. The cut layer settings and the basic geometry of cut lines will be retained. Fill objects will appear a series of densely packed lines. Images would be similar.

its was a template cut into carboard and seemingly it lost some length somewhere and I am trying to figure out where, since in theory, this is to check that the measurements are correct so large peices of glass can be safely cut in those dimensions.

The .rd file will retain position of objects so definitely will be useful there. May be worth a shot.

sadly I cant seem to find any way to do it on the panel controlls. delete or nothing by the looks of it.
Thanks anyway.

Do you have a “file” key on your panel?

If so, do you get a menu that looks like this?

“Copy to udisk” should allow you to copy files to a flash drive.

I have more overly complicated and not as userfriendly version, but I did just stumble onto copy to udisk.
Thank you ever so much!