Cut Distance Units


I’m using LightBurn 0.9.06, connected to Ruida, on Win 10 64bit.

I noticed that in the preview window the units appear to be showing a millimeter measurement with “in” following the units. In this screen shot you can see a 4" circle that is showing a cut distance of “320 in”.

Is there a setting that I’ve missed to show this in inches? I currently have units set to inches/mm/sec, and would like to keep it that way. Thanks!

The software was written in mm, and I generally only use it in mm. Every place that displays a distance or speed has to be customized to deal with the current unit, so they keep slipping through.

I’ll fix this one for the next release.

Thank you. I prefer mm myself but all of my customers are of the inches mindset, and I’m lazy. Take care.

Fixed, and will be in the next release.

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