Cut in direction order, need a option to enter range of order

Please add one more thing, in the optimisation section when I set cut by direction example-top to bottom, there should be a option how long range want to cut first. Means if I’ll set 50mm top to bottom then laser will cut top to bottom how many objects come in the first 50mm range then it goes to next 50mm range. That option I saw on LaserCAD software for Trocen controller. That is much help to cut by direction in range. Because in lightburn I faced problem lot of time, I set cut by direction top to bottom in lightburn & lightburn leave some objects at top and come to bottom & at the end it cut rest of objects at top
. It should be fixed, by direction mode didn’t work properly for me and add a manually enter range option, it should be optional.

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LightBurn has a Feature Suggestions site:
If your suggestion is already there, upvote it.
If your suggestion isn’t there, please add it.
The dev team maintains it and reviews it often.

Can you please provide link

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After 4 days still not found any response from tram

Sorry, not following what you are asking about. What or who is “tram”?

If you are still looking for the way to suggest a feature, look to the top-right of every page here, and click the ‘Feature Suggestion’ button.

Typing mistake, that’s not “tram”, that word is “them”. I want to say that DEV I made a suggestion on that sute which was suggested by you & after 6 days still not found any response from them (dev team).

I’m facing problem when I set “cut in direction from top to bottom” on lightburn, the job is not starting from top to bottom. It’s starting from mid sometime or from anywhere but the direction mode is not working properly only I want to say that. If you can make a suggestion from your end please do.

The Feature Suggestion site is not run like that. Think of it as a wish list on the refrigerator door, you can drop your idea there, then other folks can vote on it. We then use this list to help us prioritize our efforts. Not really intended as a place to ‘chat with the devs’, if that is what you are anticipating. :slight_smile:

Oh no! It means I bought lightburn but still I’ve to use my free software as before… & bought lightburn is waste of money for me.? Lol, I’ve lightburn but still using my free software because lightburn doesn’t work properly when set cut in direction.

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