Cut info window

I seem to be missing something in one of my installed Lightburn programs.
I am not sure what happened, but If I have two actions, first fill, and then cut, it will only fill - when it cuts the laser appears to be off.
I then tried using my other PC, and it works just like I expected it to.
When comparing the two installations, I can’t find the “Laser 1 Laser 2 on/off Enabled” in the Cut Info window. The picture below is from my working version. On my other PC this is not there. Can this be turned on and of?

The dual-tube info is only shown when connected to a machine configured with a second tube. Do you have a dual-tube machine?

No, I do not have two lasers, but that was not my problem really, just something I noticed.
My problem is that if I have two actions the laser will not fire during the last action.
I made this, and the name will engrave, but when cutting the laser moves correct, but does not fire.
But if I connect my other PC and perform the same action if will engrave and cut just like it’s supposed to.
What am I missing? This installation has been working flawless for months, I am almost sure that a friend of mine changed a setting somewhere when he used it the other day.

So I went through all the things I could, and set everything to “Restore default values” and now it can perform more than one action again.

That’s what I was going to suggest trying next - happy you got it sorted out.

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