Cut is not the same size as the drawing. It's double in size

I’ve been using Lightburn for over a year now and it’s been great. Starting in the last couple of days everything is printing out of size. I’ve drawn a 4mm circle and the cut is closer to 8mm. Objects on-screen line up fine, but when I burn them they overlap.
Is there a setting that I’m not understanding? Have I done something wrong?
Someone asked this same question several months ago and got no reply, so I’m hoping.

Can you upload your .lbrn file and a photo of the burn?

I found the problem. The answer is in the Kerf Offset. I’ve been writing my own LightBurn files using the drawing tools. However, recently I’ve tried an on-line box generator that makes a really big Kerf Offset which was throwing the actual cut out of whack. I think that my Kerf Offset was 0.0296 and the SVG file Kerf Offset from was 0.156. I still need to learn how to configure the Kerf Offset, but now I’ve learned something. Thank you. Love the software.