Cut layer not lining up with greyscale layer

New to lightburn well had it for a year just started to use it.
my greyscale layer in about 20mm out in the Y axis to my cut layer when i cut. the preview works fine? what stupid thing have i done?


being out on the Y axis is unusual - more common on the x-axis.

Got a pic?

The preview won’t show machine problems - like if you have loose belts or a misconfigured controller.

belts are ok, I haven’t changed anything on the control (that i know of). I cant try anything much at the moment as i have had to drain the coolant due to the weather. the only thing i know is it did work the last time i tried about 10 months ago, the only thing i have done is got a new laptop and put the latest Lightburn on it. I think on the old laptop it was 0.9.07 on this one it is 0.9.20.
one other difference is the other laptop was running on Linux this one is Windows 10.
the funny thing is when i do line and fill, the line around the fill is lined up with the outside cut, the fill is miss aligned. It looks like there is an offset in the program like a G54 or G92. my other thought was the program trying to use a second non existent tool?

regards Martin Hall

A few stupid questions now I take it M8 is laser on, M9 is laser off and M5 is home?
Where can i find a list of M codes that Lightburn uses.

Martin Hall

Google ‘grbl commands’

Thanks i will have a look and see if the G code is doing what i think it is.

I have been back out in the cold shed and have a picture of what is happening.
its the line from fill and line that is out of place. cant see why??

Just in case anyone reads this in the future, it was the Y axis acceleration, I reduced it to 1000mm/s and all is well.
I take it that the stepper motor is a cheap one as on my 3D printers I get allot better than this with more load on the motor.
Martin Hall

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