Cut/Layer toolbar missing


I am losing the “cut/layer” toolbar along the bottom whenever I save the file. The temporary solution is to close LightBurn and reopen it. Then everything is OK until I save again.

I checked the Cut/Layer toolbar under the Windows tab, and it is checked.
And I have tried “Reset to Default Layout” under the Windows tab, and that does not work either.

The problem goes away if I change the screen size from 1366x768 to 1600x900. But this causes smaller fonts and I don’t like the 1600x900 screen size with all my other programs. And I don’t want to keep changing the screen size only when using LightBurn. Seems to me that LightBurn should work with all screen sizes, especially since the Cut/Layer toolbar is always there when first loaded, and only disappears when the current file is saved.

Current versions:
Lightburn 1.4.00
Windows 11
Display resolution = 1366 x 768

Anybody have any other solution?

768 vertical resolution is too low to fit the entire default display… Collapse the 2 stacked window panes/docks into a single pane/dock.

Thanks berainlb. Based on your comment and my experience, I bite the bullet and changed my screen setting to 1600x900. Works great. When using the other programs, I simply increase the font size by default to 125% so I can read the text.

Again, Thanks,

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