Cut line width problem

On my gweiki pro I was testing engraving& cutting. When I went to cut on basswood 3mm the cut line width was about 3mm wide. I had focus level set ok , cannot understand why cut was so wide.
Any suggestions would be great

3mm??? - has your lens fallen off?

I know cannot explain it , it’s the first cut I have tried with this machine. New to c02 lasers. Need help with this

ok, let’s try to figure out what your problem is.
In your avatar it says “Artur master pro and gerbl”, but in the post here you write co2.
What machine do you have? and have you focused your laser (applies to both types).

I recently upgraded to the gweiki cloud pro. Newbie to c02 lasers.
Gweiki sorted my problem , mostly user error Der! ( at least I have learned something) I managed to incorrectly focus the laser.
Many thanks for your replies .
Kind regards

Glad you (they) figured it out.

Basic fix for problems…

First things to check for is mechanical… electronics don’t have physical wear so less likely of failure…

In your case it’s just the fat beam issue. Some may call improper focus a mechanical problem… as it’s not mechanically adjusted properly :face_with_spiral_eyes: face_with_spiral_eyes:

If you have

  1. properly working tube
  2. aligned and clean optics
  3. proper focus

They work… you figured out one of the three…

Good luck


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