Cut lines help turning black

stuck.lbrn (273.0 KB)
Ok im stuck on this one and i dont know why!

These are simple vectors. Im wanting to put onto a a black tumbler. If i leave them as is. It’ll be just a line. And would not look good, but if i fill the line the windows and everthing get cut leaving just a shell of a camper. also very ugly. Why is it when im filling the line on the inside of the camper its filling the windows.

stuck.lbrn (273.0 KB)

If you just make everything a single color and set that to fill, you get this:

Is that the look you want? If you’re engraving away black, and the color that comes up underneath is lighter, you might want to invert the design, which you can do by just adding another line around the outer border with the offset tool, like this:

Yeah the bottom

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