Cut out of bounds what next?

Cut may be out of bounds due to over scan settings. I have had the Ortur Master 2 laser since Oct 2020
and have yet to get Lightburn to work.Using GRBL my son in law was able to print one or two things but I can’t get anything to work since I am not a computer programmer educated in the workings of GRBL.
I have no idea what to do, any help would be really awesome.

In which case you bought the wrong tool.

You purchased a hobbyists setup, when you aren’t willing to learn the skills needed to operate it.

Buy something more suitable for someone not wanting to do anything technical in a very technical field.

I’m not being mean, just realistic. You don’t need to be a ‘programmer’ to use grbl, but you do need to invest time in learning the craft. There’s a million tutorials on grbl, specific tutorials on your machine and Lightburn.

This field really isn’t suited to a tech-averse person.

Most likely you did what it seems like everyone who’s ever purchased an Ortur has done, and changed the default ‘Start From’ setting away from ‘Absolute Coords’ to ‘User Origin’ or ‘Current Position’, without knowing how those different modes work.

Change it back to ‘Absolute Coords’ and read here to understand how they’re different: Coordinates and Job Origin - LightBurn Software Documentation

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