Cut path seems erratic

Trying to cut an array of objects in LB1.0.0.2 on my MacBook Pro running Big Sur 11.5.2 and the cut path is all over the place. I have attached an image of the cut path as seen on the preview.


I have tried all the options on the Optimisation Settings panel and they are ll crazy.
Any ideas?

They are not crazy, there is a method to this tool, which we explain here:

Upon review, let us know if you continue to have questions. You can post this file, and we can check it. We may have suggestions to help you produce as you’d like.

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I have previously watched the video and I still maintain that the cut path is crazy. I have taken a screen capture of the preview panel and I will attach it here as an animated GIF.
I can’t see how this is an optimised cut path, and I have tried every option available with none of them making a sensible path. The nearest I got was to make every row a group and then set the group priority. Even then it would bounce all over rather than cutting one and moving on to the adjacent shape.



I think that the problem may have something to do with how an array is created. The original shapes were created using the array function to get a 9x10 array of shapes. I just created a new sheet and replicated the shapes with a simple cut and paste to make a similar set of shapes and with no changes to the optimisation this is the result.

Please post both LightBurn files for our review. :slight_smile:


I have attached the one with the crazy cut path. I didn’t save the other one but it was just created by taking one of the shapes and the copy and pasting it. I manually reversed alternate copies and inverted rows to get the same layout.

clutch plate.lbrn2 (49.7 KB)

This may be helpful: Optimization Settings - LightBurn Software Documentation

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