Cut priorities- selection order?

I have used RDw for 5 years and I am enjoying LB but I used to be able to cut the objects in a layer by selecting what I wanted cut first and so forth and sending it to cut. I often cut notches by using squares because it is easier to modify them later and if they are not enclosed fully the cut insides first does not work. I now set the upper left outside profile as a T1 layer and cut all the notches and then switch the T1 layer back and cut the outsides. Just wondering if I have missed this setting somewhere? Tx Gene

Can you say that again in English?

The first sentence made sense. After that you lost me. If you want to be able to cut just the things you have selected, you can enable the ‘Cut Selected Graphics’ button here:


I will try- In RDw if you first select a circle, then a square and then another circle around both ,for instance… it would cut the first circle [inside] then the square, then the outside circle.
If you are trying to cut square notches [ to join to another part] in the edge of a part it will not cut the notches first even tho ‘cut inner shapes’ is the behavior selected. I would like ‘order selected’ as an option I guess. Gene

Ahhh, understood - For that, click off the ‘Optimize Cut Path’ switch, then do exactly what you did before. It will cut them in the selection order.

Would that option not be in the Cut Optimizations? I could not find it so I checked for updates and found 0.9.23 but it is not there either? I am not a conspiracy theorist but…

OK- found it. Covid brain.

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