Cut problems. X cut problem

when cutting, y cuts, x doesn’t. It does not give the same power laser. What is the problem?

Try rotating your material and see if it is still in the same direction you are having problems. If not, it is probably the plywood itself that can sometimes tease.
To find out if it is your laser that cuts equally in all directions, you can do a test with paper. Screw down as far as possible and cut squares. The optimal result is 4 identical brown lines on the back. Paper does not “cheat” like plywood.

I checked as you said. Again, it does not intersect in the same direction (x). When you cross the Y, the beam comes out completely. In X, the laser beam escapes and does not give a straight beam

I don’t know your laser, but my old 5.5 Watt diode laser is the actual beam slightly elongated square, approx. 2:3 ratio. It always gave me challenges with precise focusing.
Have you done a ramp test to find/check your focus?

I haven’t done the ramp test. How do they do it?
My laser zbaitu 80w. Laser output power is 10w

If you run that test in X and Y you should also be able to see if there is a difference in the laser beam. Generally, a test shot with e.g. 0.2 ms and with only a little power, should show the shape of your laser beam, the trick is not to use too much power for the test.

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