Cut/Scan Settings not correct

Hey guys… had a quick question.

Is it possible that if I have multiple windows open for LightBurn that the settings from one window will be used rather than the settings on a current window?

I noticed that when I went to work on a different project last night, that the cutting settings were showing 8mm/sec and when I started, it was flying through at about 100mm/sec.

I had to copy the project to another window and adjusted my settings fine there.

Any help would be great!

Thank you!


The settings in LightBurn are only read when you open the software, but are saved any time you edit your preferences or device settings, or when you close the software.

So in short, having multiple copies open should not affect the settings in any single copy, but whichever is the last one you exit from will be the one whose prefs get saved and used the next time you open.