Cut Selected Graphics as default

Is it / Would it be possible to set Lightburn software so the “Cut Selected Graphics” is set as ON on default? My personal workflow has been relying on cutting all jobs as “Cut Selected Graphics” and I tend to forget it when opening files, that it isn’t always set ON.


That may work for you, but for every person that wants it the re will be people that don’t. Can’ t please everyone, and since it is already an established feature, I think changing it would cause problems. Just my opinion :slight_smile:

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I’m not asking for it to be for everyone, just a checkbox type of option so you could save it as default for yourself. And perhaps save all the settings / changes you’ve made to your software settings as “default” or under a dropdown list where you could load certain settings you’ve saved for special jobs.

OK, that makes more sense. Thanks for clarifying it.

I could make the various UI settings save with each project (I’ve been thinking of doing that for a while).

It gets tricky trying to decide which settings are “global”, which ones are “per device”, and which should be reset on startup. I’ll give it some thought.