Cut Selected Graphics / Use Selection Origin options when save LB files

It’s could be useful to save options in LB files bellow, to don’t check again when you reopen the file.

  • Cut selected graphics
  • Use Selection origin

It was discuss in the post

Cut Selected Graphics as default

If you have suggestions, it’s better to post them, one at a time, to our suggestion site - we track these, update them when work starts, and use this to figure out which ones are most popular and how to allocate work and resources.

Saving optimization settings is close to yours, and planned, but saving the ‘Cut Selected’ option isn’t in here. It is something that has been brought up before, but unless it’s posted and voted on, it’s hard for me to get an idea of the actual demand.

This is something I really want. Why is there a separate site for suggestions that needs another login?

I would personally like it as an option in program settings (global). I can see it being useful to save the setting with the file as well (overriding the global setting) but personally, my workflow is to cut selected graphics only.

In terms of UI, perhaps using a checkbox to save to file and override the default setting.

It’s a site designed by someone else specifically for the purpose of feature tracking and voting. Anyone can post here on the forum, but the forum doesn’t have a good way of tallying and sorting suggestions - Fider does.

The plan is to save the Cut Selected and Use Selection Origin value with each file. We could also have a toggle to allow saving the state for them globally - that won’t be hard to do if we’re in there already.

If your workflow is only cutting selected graphics, I would guess that when we get multi-page support done, that might change - is that accurate?

I can’t say for sure since i’ve never used multi-pages/tabs before. I just prefer having the behaviour the same all the time. If I need to cut everything on the file, I can select all, just easier for me.

Totally understand having the whole file cut (as it is now) because you might be doing tens or hundreds of units and have it all laid out specific for a piece of material.

Regarding fider - you’re trading the feature/upvote tracking for far fewer participants. Making new accounts or linking accounts is resistance. Even signing up to a new forum is too much for many people, who prefer using platforms they already have an account for (discord, fb, reddit).

It look many days for a confirmation email to reach me, quite frustrating. I held off making an account for a long time.

Anyway thanks for replying so fast and I look forward to the new features.

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It’s friction, and I get that, but I don’t have a great alternative - I’m not going to track everything everyone wants by hand, and the fider site keeps things relatively organized, shows trends, total votes, etc. It’s much more useful than anything I could do here on the forum.

It’s similar to my reasoning for having this forum - We get fewer participants here than we did on Facebook, but Facebook didn’t offer the tools we needed to organize everything properly, protect our users from harmful advice, manage threads effectively, etc. We get less engagement here, which is unfortunate, but the content quality is significantly higher, it’s Google indexed, and we ultimately have more control.


Thats good to know about facebook vs these forums. I personally think help advice means going to a dedicated forum but then again, I only go on facebook maybe a couple times a day. These forums are open on my browser nearly 100% of the time. I’ll have to start browsing FB too I guess :slight_smile:

And I also agree with the hassle of signing up for the vote forums in addition to these… i already have a ton of logins to remember and haven’t signed up yet for Fider. I get the tracking feature, too bad there isn’t a way to implement that system into these forums.

You don’t have to remember a login with Fider - it’s based on your email address and that’s it - no passwords. It sends you a registration check, and you’ll never hear from them again, aside from notifications for topics you’ve subscribed to.

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