Cut Settings editor Setting device defaults

I have 2 laser machines/devices. Unfortunately they use different settings for similar jobs. When I set the default levels for line mode (for example) Lightburn doesn’t seem to save the defaults just for the selected device as the tooltip suggests. Does it matter whether the devices are turned on and accessible when setting the defaults? Is there something I’m doing wrong?

Do the machines run with their own computer and LightBurn? or do you change machine profile when you change the machines? Are the machines the same?
With two identical machines, there should be no difference with the same LB file.

Bernd, our method of operation is one windows computer, 2 different laser machines needing their own default settings, 2 copies of lightburn running on the 1 computer with each copy of lightburn attached to 1 machine. This all works fine except there only seems to be one set of defaults on the computer.

I’m sorry, I did not read your first post correctly or too quickly, here you are already describing your problem correctly. I just tested / simulated your setup. After some trying, I gave up. I also failed to save layers with each its layer property to each its machine profile. I have not tried to test it with 2 instances of Lightburn on the same computer, (it’s a bit of a hassle on a Mac).
I think it’s a bug in LightBurn and it’s reasonably certain that Oz and co. catches it.

I got this as a response directly from Oz:

Oz: “I’ll have to check. I think it’s all still global, not device based, though that’s something we want to change.”