Cut Settings Editor Window

Once you double click on a specific layer and the cut settings window opens up, is there any way to quickly page through the settings for other layers? I have not been able to figure it out so I have had to close the window, double click on another layer and repeat. This very slow if you have a bunch of layers. I understand that the most basic settings are shown toward the bottom of the “cuts” tab’s cut info section for easy access but I am often changing things that can only be accessed by opening up the cut settings editor window. RDWorks has a nice method to do this if you want to see an example.

Speaking of the cuts" tab’s cut info section, it won’t let me input except whole numbers. It won’t accept 12.5% for instance. If I open up the full cut settings editor, I am allowed to input 12.5% there. Is there a setting I need to change? I am using .8.07.


Yes, you are correct on both accounts. First, there currently is not a way to change layers from within the Cut Settings Editor window, although it has been suggested. You can provide your support for adding this feature on our voting site here:

The ‘Cuts’ tab edit box issue. I am seeing the same behavior on my side (Mac version). Thanks for reporting this.

There isn’t a quick way to flip through them like there is in RD, though that’s something I plan to add.

Regarding the partial numbers, I’m guessing it’s just the quirky way the edit boxes handle precision. If you try to insert a new digit, it won’t let you if two decimals are already shown, but if you delete a digit, or highlight the decimals, then type, it allows it.

image => image

I added my vote, Rick!

Oz, also, if you highlight the whole number and try to type in a new one it won’t allow it. It would be great if it behaved like the input function for the same values when you open up the full editor window.

I think that’s a weird interaction with the way the values are entered and pushed through the undo system that doesn’t happen in the cut settings editor, because there it’s when you click ok that all the settings are stored / undoable. Looking into it now.

Fixed. Next release. Thanks for letting me know - hadn’t noticed this one before.

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