Cut settings in version 0.9.14

Hi all, have seen various comments about issues when installing a new version of LightBurn but never experienced anything myself so couldn’t believe it was the fault of a newer version.
Anyway, after installing version 0.9.14 I noticed my cut settings were no longer giving me a clean cut. Didn’t think anything of the update so checked and cleaned my lenses and mirrors. Did numerous test cuts, did a ramp test, tried everything I could think of.
Sitting having my tea I remembered I had updated LightBurn so I decided to uninstall and install version 0.9.11 as I still had it in my downloads.
With the exact same file I tried cutting again and low and behold I was back to cutting 3mm mdf at 40mm/s at 40% power on my 100w reci Blua and White laser.
With version 0.9.14 I was down to 26mm/s at 42% power to get a cut through and even then I had to push the piece out.
Would love to hear ideas why I would be experiencing these differences and if anyone else has simular experience.
I’m now running version 0.9.11 as I don’t trust the latest version.

Do you have a file saved with 0.9.14 that exhibits the issue? I’d like to have a look at it.

I’ll reinstall version 0.9.14 and save it for you, I’ll also supply one with 0.9.11 to compare.

Send to developer at lightburnsoftware dot com, and include a link to this thread.

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