Cut shape out of image

I cant seem to find a way to cut specific shape out of an image (see picture


I can do it in some other design software (like Corel) but when save the design and import it to Lightburn i get the original image with shape on top of it.

Is there a way to do it in Lightburn?

Looks like you may have used a “mask” and not “cropped” the image in the external image editor. In LightBurn, using a simple design you can ‘Trace Image’ then draw desired circle to use as your cutout and use ‘Boolean Subtract’ to remove the undesired elements. The following video provides a walk-through of this approach.

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There isn’t a way to crop or mask an image in LightBurn yet. Some other software, like Corel or InkScape, applies a “virtual” mask but doesn’t actually change the pixels in the saved file. You’d have to export that back out to a PNG, forcing it to “flatten” the mask into the image data. Cropping / masking images is a planned feature for LightBurn.