Cut speed changes with file transfer

I have one copy of Lightburn on a desktop PC, where I do design work, and a second copy on a PC laptop, which I use to control my OLM2. When I transfer files from one computer to the other, whether by email or thumb drive, everything remains the same, except cut speed. That changes by a factor of 60: cut speeds of 1000 on the desktop are transformed to 60000 on the laptop; cut speeds of 1000 on the laptop are transformed to 16.7 on the desktop. This happens for all layers. Obviously, i have some setting wrong on one machine or the other, but what setting is it?

60x difference would imply using mm/s on one and mm/min on the other. Or possibly the same but in inches.

Note that the actual absolute speed should be the same in spite of the change in units.

Yep, that’s it, thank you! In settings, I had a “Better for CO2” units selection on one machine, but a “Better for diode” selection on the other. Easy fix.

Thanks again.

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