Cut through mode missing after upgrade

Hi everyone,

I upgraded to software version 0.9.16 yesterday, starting a new job today I have discovered that the cut through options are no longer present. I am using a Topwisdom controller and have been using cut through settings (I assume successfully) up until today. Anyone else experiencing this issue?

I too am having this issue expect I cannot turn it off since the option is no longer there. Quite the issue since now it leaves a burn mark on the start of my cuts due to the pause.

@jmar0926, I see that you have Ruida listed in your forum profile under Machines. Is this still the case? Are you using the Ruida controller device profile when you observe this?

I also have a boss with awc series laser controller. This is the one with the new cut through delay issue

Cut Through delays have not been implemented on TopWisdom yet, so you think you’ve been using it, but you haven’t.

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Can you elaborate? Are you using Beginner Mode, by chance? Any other specifics? Your issue is not the same as the original poster, as you have different hardware.

Ok my post may have been confusing, I am aware the option was never there, but since one of your newedt updates rolled out I’ve noticed the laser turns on then pauses for about a half second before moving along the cut path. Normally this would be a non issue but on the preclean I’m working with it leaves a distinct circle at the start point.

Also, no beginner mode.

Do you have any other lasers that you work with? It looks like the Trocen protocol driver has always been writing out the start delays, but has also not presented them to the user, which is very strange.

In the cut setting editor, if you click ‘Reset to Default’ at the bottom, then set the values you need, that should clear any delays, even if you can’t see them. I’ll fix the UI so you can edit them.

Thank you so much, I’ll be in the shop on Wednesday for a bit (out on paternity leave) I’ll let you know how it works out

I was able to try out the new build at the shop yesterday and it worked like a charm. thanks for taking the time to create this for me.

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