Cut Through Option

Has anyone played around with the cut-through mode? I’m trying to find optimal cut settings for my 80W laser cutting 1/2" MDF. I’ve noticed that the test squares don’t cut all the way through at the corners of every square. I have min and max power the same and I/m using the shape scaling factor to ramp the power down for each test row at a particular speed.

I’m wondering what dwell times (in ms) and power level to use. Also, is the cut through power setting related to the layer setting (mine are all 100%) and/or the shape scaling factor (mine range from 65% to 50%).

Cut Through mode has its own power setting that is independent of (and ignores) the power scale values and the layer power settings.

Also, if you set Min and Max power the same, the power scale feature will not do anything - it is essentially a cross-fade from Min power to Max power as you go from 0 to 100%, so if Min and Max are identical, you’ll see no visible change - it’s just the way the feature works in the hardware itself, as it’s using the commands that normally handle setting power for grayscale images, which range from min to max.

Oz, that’s good to know re Min and Max re using the power scaling feature. Thanks for the clarification.

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