Cuts Along Edges?

I’ve been noticing cuts/grooves along the edges when I cut 3mm cast and extruded acrylic. It’s more noticeable along one side than the rest. I’ve experimented with the speed and the min/max power and haven’t been able to figure out why this is happening. Is there something else that I need to do when in the settings? I’m including a photo for reference. Any help or feedback would greatly be appreciated. I’m using a VEVOR 130W Machine with an RDC644XG controller.

If that’s on the back, those are almost certainly flash-back from a honeycomb bed. If you lift the material up with a few small scraps they’ll go away.

Yes, it’s on the back of the pieces I cut out. What would you suggest I lift the material up with if we are using the whole bed at once with a big piece of acrylic?

A handful of 1" square scrap pieces would do the job. It really depends on how big the bed is, how small your cuts get, and whether pieces are likely to drop. If it’s possible to get a knife bed or a pin bed set up on the machine, that would work better than the honeycomb.

We are using a 1400mm x 900mm bed.

I use a piece of sheet steel, magnets, and drywall screws. As many or few as it takes to support the job.


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