Cuts are not closed

Hi there, I have an issue with not closed cuts. I am trying to cut text in paper with chinese diode laser, but ieach separate shape has an interruption. I´ve checked various topics here but havent found solution here. Tabs/bridges disabled.

How does this produce on a darker material? :slight_smile:

It worked fine on this white sticker before I installed latest version of LB

Identical settings, material, and shapes? White paper is surprisingly hard to engrave with a diode laser, which is why Rick suggested trying the exact same file on something darker - if it works on cardboard, it’s the white material reflecting the beam.

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I´v tryed exactly the same file on exactly the same paper. I also tryed to generate Gcode and run it with VigoEngraver. same results. Random interruptions. Maybe the hardware is not in a good condition. will keep trying

Have you tried it on anything darker? Really, honestly, do that. :slight_smile:

Question here… It appears to me it’s working fine except for a number of places that are not connected. When I have material problems, I have the problem over the entire material, generally not just areas missing.

Or did I miss something?


yes, it´s like that. when it works, it is fine except for number of places. I tryied to run it for various powers from 20% to 60% I can even cut completelly trough. but those missing areas are still there.

Is the firmware up to date? Sometimes it’s an issue.


Latest I’v found on Vigotec website. Do you have any other recomendation?

What result does this produce?

Huh, darker material is much better. In the mean time, I’v refleshed firmware. White paper sticker is also better, but still not fully OK. Darker paper sticker seems to be an easyest solution for my case.

It comes down to how well the material you are using absorbs that particular wavelength (or frequency) of the laser beam.

Generally if you can see ‘light’, a black area absorbs that light so less is reflected.


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