Cuts/Layers question

This might be answered elsewhere, but had a look around and can’t find what I’m looking for.
I imported a DXF containing 6 cut layers having a total of 10 pieces to cut and stack to create the final piece. 1 layer was imported as “T12 - Tool - Frame” which I’ve never come across and not sure how to handle it. The piece at the far right is that layer, What do I do with it? if I delete it, it deletes all layers … so why is it there?
Hope someone can shed some light on this please

It’s there because the color in the file happened to match that layer (we’ve changed this for the next release so they aren’t used by the color mapper when importing).

Shift+Click the tool layer to select everything in it, then click a different color in the palette to assign those vectors to another layer.

Thanks Oz.
still confused … sorry
When I do that it also picks up 3 other pieces that I need to cut … When I do preview it wants to cut the T2 frame layer as well … From what I can see the T2 layer is all 10 pieces stacked on top of each other.
Also the T2 layer has no properties and you can’t say “No Output” either, so again what can I do with it?

Hold the Shift key and click the T2 layer in the Cuts/Layers list. That will select all the shapes in the file using that color. Then click a different (unused) color in the bottom palette to re-assign them to a new color layer.

T1 and T2 are tool layers, meant to be used for guides and things. Your colors in the source file happened to be close enough to the T2 color that the importer picked that one to assign them to.

Ok, thanks Oz

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