Cuts losing power

I keep having an issue specifically when cutting birch plywood. Occasionally on a cut path, the laser will leave a spot that is still connected almost like a tab. If I copy the object 50 times and make a large grid of cuts it will happen to one or two of them. Its not the file its the laser, but I dont know if the lasr is losing power or if the material has weirdly random spots that are difficult to cut. Usually its a super small short section I can cut with a box cutter but the picture below is the worst to date. It looks fine on the front, but for a random section it couldn’t get through the material. Any thoughts? I am running a G-Weike LC6090 with a Ruida controller.

PS: the cut looks wide and out of focus because there are two cuts there .020 apart so that the cut out puzzle piece fits in easier.

That’s unfortunately the nature of the beast with Baltic Birch plywood. Glue pockets, hard spots, etc. Nothing you can really do about it.

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