Cuts overlapping when cutting

Hey, I tried a different design into lightburn and it worked perfectly. The overlapping problem is only happening when I’m importing a file from outside lightburn. Trying to engrave the name in the middle and cut the star around it. I am not sure why this is happening only for files being imported. Am I using the wrong file type. Here is what I have been doing:

  1. Importing the star to lightburn as an image, tracing the star then deleting the image uploaded.
  2. I am making the writing on lightburn.
  3. Setting each on a different layer, engraving layer on top to start first.
  4. Grouping the whole design together(not sure this step matters as the problem is there eother way).

Please let me know what is happening if you know, I spent all day trying to figure it out :pleading_face:

I suspect you have two things going on at the same time, a design problem and a physical problem.

Can you share the .lbrn file for review?

I just made this one. Uploaded the svg and made an outline. But for some reason the hello was shiften down. The outline was perfect this time.

At a minimum you almost certainly have loose belts. Review tension for all belts. They should have no visible slack… be taught but not stretched.

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Thank you for your suggestion. I will try to tighten them and do another test

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