Cuts stop and start again in new path

Running windows 11 and when cutting on ortur LM2 with Neje 4060 the module will stop briefly and restart from original stop location and begin a new path with the module. Does not matter how many passes have been selected and also opened enclosure thing possible overheat.

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Which LM2 do you have with which Firmware?
This info is most readily available in the Console window on start up. Feel free to copy and paste it into a reply here.

I’d like to confrim that you’ve swapped to a Neje Module but i’m having difficulty identifying the model. Could it be this one:

Run the job again with the Console window open and watch for a reset message or an error message when it stops, restarts and otherwise goes wrong. Feel free to add that information too.

This is confusing:

“the module will stop briefly and restart from original stop location and begin a new path with the module”

Can you explain that differently? Are you sure the NEJE laser module is compatible with the LM2?

For example, running a straight line, the module shuts down before the end, when it restarts, it takes a 90 degree turn from the original path.

Oh, As far as compatable, I know someone else using with no problems

Do you have any way to post a video of the behavior? (if you have a YouTube account you can upload it there, then link it here)

I suspect either too much power draw, causing the board to reset, a loose wire (this happens a lot with diode lasers).

It’s also possible the new laser head is significantly heavier than the previous one, meaning you’d need to lower your acceleration settings. Does it buzz or make weird noises when trying to move?

Everything works fine when engraving, just the cuts. I do not have a You tube account. I could do a vid and email direct if possible.
Does not make any noises and tried changing speed from 300 to 600 and no difference.

When engraving, are you using full power? If not, that could be the difference.

Our email system won’t accept a file larger than 20mb, so if it’s smaller than that, you could email it.

I just answered a different question about using an NEJE A40640 with an OLM2. The Neje by itself requires 12V 4A. Unless you’ve upgraded your power supply it’s probably rated at 12V 4A. That leaves no headroom for controller and steppers. You should consider supplying power to the laser module separately.

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