Cuts upside down

when i get my picture on the desktop and looks good and trace it, i cut and it cuts backwards and upside down or something like that. not sure.

xTool D1 should be setup with machine origin at top-left in Edit->Device Settings.

This would have configured for you if you used the xTool provided .lbdev file which I suggest you do. Setup a new device using the .lbdev file.

User Manual for xTool D1 LightBurn Software – xTool

I had that same issue where everything was upside down when I went to burn. What I found was in the Laser Window, I was messing with Job Origin and selected the top right circle as my Job Origin and User Origin selected, some how I think also had home there as well. Changed back to bottom left corner and all was good, Check the green square’s position.

This was likely a coincidence as job origin would not impact burn orientation, only relative location of job placement.

Did you perhaps change machine origin in Device Settings around the same time?

I did this a while ago and really don’t remember if I changed anything other than Origin, but do remember the green square was in the wrong place and selected Origin the change. Figured I’d throw it out there because I ran across the same problem. At the moment my device is at default settings with the Home on the bottom Left, working normal.