Cutter on CNC3 3018 pro engraver not lifting tool

Hi sorry a newbie here.
I’ve just put together a Chinese CNC3 3018 pro 3 axis machine,
Laser is a 5,500 and done a few minor jobs after a few problems with the $31=1 ?
Engraving now with a bit provided and it does not want to play.
The problem is the tool is not lifting between cuts and drags along the material.
I looked at the screen that shows the cuts and the traversal moves , these are being engraved plus does the engraver stop spinning between cuts well ?
I know i may have said it in plain text but how i work lol

“Lifting”? The laser doesn’t lift, it just turns off - is this what you mean?

I suspect the issue is that the setting you’re after is $32=1 (laser mode enabled) not $31=1 (min rpm value).

LightBurn is not designed to run spindle tools, only lasers, so it will never lift the tool when moving between cuts.

Now i feel daft haha I did not realise it did not run spindle tools …
Yeah i had problems with the laser not switching off till i found a piece that said about the $32=1 (yeah sorry i put $31) like i say very new to all this, that cured it. The only problem i am getting now it the x,y the laser will not home to the bottom left, even though i have ticked the box’s It always goes to else where ? I did see some where if i fitted limit switches it homes back better, i just wondered if there was something in lightburn that will do it. Shame about light burn not being able to be used for engraving good software. thanks for the quick reply though. cheers

The Home button runs the homing cycle, which is when the laser moves toward the home position until it bumps into the limit switches. If you don’t have limit switches installed, it does nothing.

You can zero the machine manually before you power it up by moving the head to the front left corner, or jog it there and then type “G92 X0 Y0” to set zero to the current position.

Brilliant i’ll try that thank you.

Brilliant thanks did the G92 and power off and reset the zero works so far thanks

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