Cutting and connecting lines

Hi, I have been designing some ornaments this Christmas, and besides Lightburn I have been using Cut2D because some things I struggle to do in Lightburn.

I am pretty sure that I just fail to see how to do it in Lightburn, and maybe you know how to in Lightburn.
I have made a heartshape, and I want to cut out some lines, and join them to the lines they are crossing. This is the heart:
In Cut2D I use a tool called “Interactive Vector Trim”
I just import the file in Cut2D and I start snipping:

In Lightburn I have used nodes, but I can’t seem to make them connect where the lines are crossing.
Anyway I get two shapes in lightburn that are not joined.
Can this be done easy in Lightburn?

LightBurn has a similar tool in appearance but one that works and behaves functionally differently. In node edit mode you can “trim” lines up to an intersection by hovering over the line and hitting the ‘t’ key. The difference in behavior to what you’re describing here is that the resulting shapes are not automatically rejoined and will not necessarily result in a closed shape. Meaning there could be gaps between the trimmed line and any intersecting line.

There was actually a topic I created recently on this point you can read here:
Edit Node - Trim behavior - LightBurn Software - LightBurn Software Forum

You can still use this tool and adjust nodes accordingly to close gaps.

The preferred method for creating objects that result in a closed path is to use the Boolean tools+weld in various combinations. However, I’ve noticed that certain techniques that might work in other tools don’t result in the same output in LightBurn so you’ll need to readjust to the nuances.

Perfect, that does the trick.
It works, but still not as easy as using Cut2D.

Thank you very much.

Best regards

Hilsen fra Fyn :wink:

:+1: nicely showing both methods across 2 videos.

My way of making hearts is certainly not the smartest way. But there are guaranteed to be better ways in LightBurn. I used this example because it includes nodes handling which I just want to show you.

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